Millennium Metals was established in July 1999 as a SME supplier to the industrial, mining and engineering sector. The approach was to gear up to supply difficult to procure items at reasonable cost and delivery times.

Primarily this has been achieved by focusing on specific items and materials which have historically posed problems.

We take
quality and delivery seriously.

Millennium Metals is a member of the Southern African Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA).

We supply material in most grades

Millennium Metals supply material in most grades, namely:

Stainless steel, (including Heat Treatable 431, corrosion & heat resistant nickel based & stainless alloys),

Non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze , copper, cast iron & aluminium),

Mild steel,

Carbon steels,

Special steels,

Engineering plastics

We can even machine components for you in any of these Grades.





Our premises situated in Nigel, have an engineering workshop and our product range, besides material in most grades, now includes Steel Structures.


Our fleet consists of
three full time one-ton delivery vehicles on the road, one three-tonner and one eight-tonner for the heavier deliveries.


Millennium Metals is a member of the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association




Millennium Metals
stocks most of the products and those which we don't keep,  we can source immediately.



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